Module 1
Species conservation strategies

This Module allows students to consider the use of genetic information in the development of conservation strategies for individual species of varying genetic characteristics in different types of landscapes.

Presently this module is composed of three case studies aiming to address the overall question: How to develop a species genetic conservation strategy for a species where most required information is available?

The Module explores forest genetic resources aspects such as:

  • Conservation paradigms – in situ, ex situ, through use (circa situm)
  • Biological corridors
  • Genetic processes associated with small populations – which populations are too small?
  • Identifying threats – genetic and others
Downloadable materials
Module 1 - introductory notes for teachers [ PDF (1.7 MB) |  e-BOOK (247 KB)]
Case Study 1.1 Leucaena salvadorensis: genetic variation and conservation
Case Study 1.2 Talbotiella gentii: genetic variation and conservation
Case Study 1.3 Shorea lumutensis: genetic variation and conservation