Module 2
Trees outside of forests

This Module allows students to explore the role that trees outside of forests may play in conserving tree species diversity and genetic resources.

The two case studies in this Module cover a number of issues that fall under the overall question of ‘Can valuable tree genetic resources persist outside of forests?’ The Module explores forest genetic resources aspects such as:

  • Fragmentation - gene flow patterns and maintenance of viable populations
  • Conservation of species and genotypes
  • Conservation paradigms - in situ, ex situ, through use (circa situm)
  • Reproductive materials - source and collection
Downloadable materials
Module 2 - introductory notes for teachers  [ PDF (1.0 MB) |  e-BOOK (192 KB)]
Case Study 2.1 Conservation of tree species diversity in cocoa agroforests in Nigeria
Case Study 2.2 Devising options for conservation of two tree species outside of forests