Case study 3.2
Tree planting on farms in East Africa: how to ensure genetic diversity?

This case study presents information from research on tree seed sourcing by nurseries, seed supply chains, and the roles of different organizations in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda and the implications of current practices for genetic diversity.

In particular, the study covers the extent of seed tree sampling and germplasm exchange.

This allows students to explore influences on genetic diversity associated with seed collection and distribution paths and to derive specific actions to improve diversity in the seed system (e.g. practical ways to collect and distribute seed/seedlings to ensure genetic diversity in nurseries and in material planted in the field).

Suits 1-3 groups of 4-5 students per group.



Downloadable materials

Case Study [ PDF (1.6 MB) | e-BOOK]
Teacher’s notes  [ PDF (662 KB) | e-BOOK]
PowerPoint presentation [ PPT (2.1 MB)]

Video 1: Farming with trees – 18 minutes. [MP4]

Video 2: Uganda: protecting and planting trees to limit land degradation – 7 minutes. [MP4]

Video 3: Trees for life – 7 minutes. [MP4]

Video 4: Fodder shrubs milking success − 5 minutes. [MP4]