Forest Genetic Resources Training Guide

Case Study 3.1
Genetic bottlenecks in the restoration of Araucaria nemorosa

This case study presents information from ecological and genetic research on a critically endangered tree species endemic to a narrow area of a Pacific Island (New Caledonia).

Conservation actions for the species are focussed on restoration that involves seed collection and planting at a number of sites. Students are asked to describe the seed supply chain, identify the genetic risks associated with current practices and devise a strategy for collection and use of seed that ensures maintenance of genetic diversity in restoration efforts.

The exercise  Suits 1-3 groups of 4-5 students per group.



Downloadable materials

Case study [ PDF  [1] (577 KB) | e-BOOK]
Teacher’s notes [ PDF  [2] (566 KB) | e-BOOK]
PowerPoint presentation [ PPT  [3] (6.8 MB)]

Video 1: “The world’s most endangered forests” [MP4  [4]]

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