Forest Genetic Resources Training Guide

Case study 4.2
Does selective logging degrade the genetic quality of succeeding generations through dysgenic selection?

This case study examines whether selective logging might have deteriorated the genetic quality of mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla) populations. Using data from a logging area in southeastern Brazilian Amazon and genetic principles such as the breeders’ equation, the exercise allows students to explore the theme of dysgenic selection.

The groups will: discuss whether, in this logging operation, dysgenic selection would be likely to occur; identify risk factors that would suggest susceptibility to dysgenic selection, and; discuss the consequences of dysgenic selection and how it can be mitigated.

The exercise suits 1-3 groups of 4-5 students per group.

Downloadable materials

Case Study [ PDF   [1] (916 KB)| e-BOOK]
Teacher’s notes  [ PDF  [2] (977 KB) | e-BOOK]
PowerPoint presentation [ PPT  [3] (7.6 MB)]

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